When is Scalar 2.0 coming out--what is the delay?

When is Scalar 2.0 coming out-- and what is the delay?? Can you share the delays, the new R & D improvements that are associated with this considerable delay.
Rodger 04/02/2020

@RodgerTo be transparent the delay was directly related to the entire Scaler team not unanimous in their approval of the UI. With the current Beta 6 it seems we have some alignment, only issue now is planning a release date in the face of the current climate. the benefit for our users is that we didn’t rest on our laurels and have continued to add, improve and refine the feature set. Not to mention make the software much more stable. To quote an old cliche its a win win win for all.
What does that mean for a release date? We are discussing it again this week. The software is ready. That’s the bonus, now its navigating the current situation to ensure it has the best chance of success. Watch this space.


Any chance for a grace period or should prospective customers hold off for v2?

I would suggest that is a mistake to try to time this market.

You have a lot of interested potential customers right now. With lots of time on their hands.

Bird in the hand …


You are asking the exact question I asked months ago. When your 30 day demo of V1.8 runs out you, like I, will be forced to purchase and hope for the best. I did that back in February and have not looked back. Scalar is a unique product and worth the investment.

Think I used a demo like 3 years ago also, says trial expired. Guess I’ll just wait longer.

I don’t disagree with you but Plugin Boutique set the release date, we don’t so it’s a bird out of our hands!

I don’t understand people holding off. The upgrade price will be extremely reasonable and learning the product in the meantime is priceless. Besides, there’s no real certainty as to the release date but I hope so have some news to share very soon.


Money is understandably tight for a lot of people right now and if waiting another few months will save people $20-30 extra from that upgrade price why wouldn’t they?

The longer the wait and procrastination over the new release, the harder it’ll be for marketing it as people right now are facing a very uncertain future… your eager and willing to buy target market is probably shrinking by the week… Personally I think the upgrade would have to now be at an easy to afford low price and must literally blow my socks off before I spend a dime on it, (or on anything else right now) and truthfully my interest and excitement has dropped away with all the waiting, sorry to sound harsh but this release has dragged on a while. Meanwhile, other companies have had some terrific sales on and I’ve snapped up some great bargains but eventually even the cash for good deals runs out for hobbies as things are getting more serious out there…

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Ya, it is all about timing. Back in January I could not get my credit card out fast enough when I spent a little time with v1.8 demo. But then I discovered the planned update. No one buys an old version when the new version is scheduled to be released unless there is an known price advantage - which there was not! So I waited. Then the demo went dead. And I waited. Come early March (pre-corona) I was missing were Scalar was taking me, so I bought. Then Corona came! Then I got access to V2.0 B6 demo. V2 is a potential workflow changer from V1.8 since there are so many new features. Not yet sure I need the new features (still on learning curve of this app). So if I buy V2 when it releases, will really be a matter of timing.

I think having high standards with Development team is a good thing. If bugs and new features take more time in Scalar 2.0, then that is the course of development. If there are new workflows with Scalar 2.0 that allow new ways to use a workflow where writing song sections and going in and out of Scalar 2.0 to compose/rewrite/amend/modify chord progression arrangements, work on melody lines, harmonies and stay in the right brain creative process, then I’m 100% Ok waiting for the release. Good things always happen to those with cultivated patience to wait. Timing, execution and branding need to all be in alignment. I’m really excited to see the new features, new workflows, new creative applications. Maybe someone on the development team can write about the new features and workflow capabilities in Scalar 2.0— for me I most interested in workflow processes…I want one click to do something creative and not have to click multiple times going thru menus and features—hmmm macros for Scalar 2.0 ???


You stated few email go that Plugin boutique was giving you an issue with the release date. Will you have an alternate way to distribute to avoid FURTHER delays? Also , what will be the Upgrade or Update price for us current 1.8 users???

My Question is are we gonna have to pay for this new update for those who already bought the program. are you all gonna be that shady to us for this upgrade…I hate it when other companies do that to me…its shady bad business model and figuratively pointless. Its like sying here pay for a product then pay for it again. Some Products I can understand but I go to plugin boutiques because of the deals when money is short…I dont expect to keep having to re buy something over and over again. its why most of my products are still in its older stages…take for instance my Ableton I still use ableton 6 and will not ever go up to 10 its a bad business practice and with the economy as it is its unethical…I do the same with my Ozone Products…I was hoping that plugins was gonna be one step above the game and business model and ethical foundation then the other companies out there that do the same unethical business practice.

@SoundDesignz You don’t have to pay for anything. Scaler 1 is a comprehensive and fully functional piece of software that you can use for as long as you have used Ableton 6. If you want a much more advanced DAW with thousands of man hours of development, you can pay for that work in the form of Ableton 10. Scaler 2 has several new features which cost our teams years of time and resources. You don’t get that for free, you pay for it. Just like you would every other company you mention.
Whilst this is a public forum, it s run for the benefit of our users in regard to features and development. Please keep your comments restricted to those areas.


We are having our next ‘catch up’ with Plugin Boutique on the 17th of April. Hope to have some news back soon after!


Yes, I am in the process of making workflow videos available publicly.


Any info on the Update or Ugrade price for previous owners??

I held off on 3 other plugins that I’ve been waiting to go on sale in anticipation that I’d pick up Scaler 2. No BS, I had put $200 aside just because I had heard that it would be released soon (I think I read March at the latest). I even held off on the beta release because I use Scaler 1 so frequently.

Well today I spent that $$$ on Soothe 2 Dynamic EQ.

I have no problem waiting for Scalar 2—and I’m even more excited to see how Scalar 2 developers are enabling new creative workflows where I can have my Studio One Pro DAW open and go back and forth between loops, one shots, samples, midi files, wav recordings working in Scalar—like when needing to determine a key of loop, add in chords, do key changes, copy and paste sections…or going in and out of Melodyne with new melodies and matching against temporary chord inserts from Scalar.

I’m particularly looking at ways I can stay in the right brain hemisphere in a creative mode with Scalar 2 workflow and can instantly do an execution with a couple clicks and not lose my creative idea. I’m wanting to see how Scalar can work in my Studio One Pro 5.0 (new release soon) DAW like the way Melodyne can open in my DAW or be able to have Scalar open on one display monitor and go back and forth in my DAW composition.

I’m hoping to take advantage of Scalar 2 features like in Antares Auto key, Scale Detection being able to quickly see the key and scale of a loop or sampled section, change the key, or experiment with the scale going in and out of Melodyne and back and forth with Scalar and DAW. One of the nice things with Antares Auto key is ou can insert it on a master bus in DAW and immediately see the key and scale of any solo track being played— this kind of workflow is invaluable for its ease of use and immediate identification–every click I save on mouse allows me to stay in my creative trance state.

The nice thing with Melodyne Pro is it opens in Studio One Pro and all changes are changed in the DAW timeline track—so its so fast. I’m so excited to see new features and new possible workflows with Scalar 2. I’m more interested in creative workflows than I am in price and availability. If it takes a thousand more IT hours to write code and process the algorithms, then that is part of the cost of sales to develop a visionary product that no one else has.

Maybe the only complaint could be how can Scalar 2 development team increase its IT staff and programmers if the programming/coding is slow. But one thing is for certain— Scalar programmers should be musicians first and programmers second—then the interface and workflow comes from visionary songwriters, composers who understand the creative forces and ways to implement creative workflow.

I have looked into Captain Chords plugins suite and there is some interesting workflows that a lot of EDM producers/DJ’s are using for song ideas and stimulating creative inspiration-- so I hope Scalar 2 development team is watching closely what competitors are doing to make scalar 2 even better and better.

Output Arcade has an interesting workflow that is unique designed by songwriters, composers. Sonuscore Origins has a great creative workflow in their VSTi plugin series and a wonderful fresh way to compose melodies, progressions and hooks. For me its all about creative workflow with the best sound design plugins and libraries.