When playing chords, Scaler detects 7 notes even though there are only 6 notes being played

Very strange and easily reproduceable bug. It happens both when playing from keyboard or a midi file. If I break up the chords in to arpeggios it no longer detects 7 notes, it will correctly detect 6 notes. This bug only happens with chords.

I found the bug like this: Start jamming out with all white notes except E. So only 6 notes, all white except E, and play lots of chords. Scaler will detect that you have played 7 notes for some reason. Now instead of playing chords, just play notes one at a time (arpeggio) and now it will correctly determine you played 6 not 7. The same thing happens if I play a midi file with lots of chords, no where in the midi does it hit E, the midi only plays A B C D F G, If the midi plays those notes with chords it detects as 7 notes. If I break the midi up to play the exact same thing but one note at a time instead of chords, it will detect correctly as 6 notes.

I can post a midi file or a small video to demonstrate if someone would like to see it.

Welcome Nathaniel!

I’m not quite following you so a midi file would be great.

Otherwise, can you show a couple example chords where Scaler is not recognizing E? So far, I’ve not been able to get Scaler to miss any notes in capture or playback.

For example:



capture and then playback all the notes using an arpeggio.

Are you doing anything with Chord Duration or Playback Quantize?

Hi thanks for the reply ! It says I cannot upload files as a new member, so I will try a link to a midi file:

You will see there is only 6 notes in the midi, however scaler detects 7 notes for some reason:

Now try playing the same notes but not as a chord, So C D F G A B, and now it will correctly detect 6 notes. Odd right?

Hi @gorbash

thanks for reporting, I just tried your MIDI file and it seems Scaler does not detect any extra note.

However, I can see the same thing than in your screenshot “7/7 notes”. This might be a calculation error in the display. This does not impact the scale or chord detection but it does look odd.

We will have a look and get this fixed.