When the flagship is sailing at peace

If I cannot call “troll” a plain troll, a rude person unable to use a proper language, a public nuisance that that even doesn’t apologizes for his/fer rudeness, it means the censorship is FLAWED!

so I leave this forum with no regrets
I will keep on using Scaler, and I will keep on jamming and uploading my music on SoundCloud



One word shouldn’t drive you away. He apologized for it and you posted a very good note about basic careful use of language. Everything human-made is flawed. That’s nature.

I don’t think this was anything other than a characterization we happened to not agree with it. That’s all it was for me. Your posts have been some of the best on the forum and I’d ask you to perhaps just take a break and let this moment pass. It was just a word by a relatively new user. I didn’t agree with it. It wasn’t significant in the wider context of our discussions about Scaler and related topics – music, production, etc.

Take care for now.


Claudio - Take a breath, take a break and just step back. Nothing was aimed at you and it’s just a matter of semantics. You are the sunny side of Scaler Forum, always quick with the humor. Don’t run out now because of a trivial incident.


thanks for your words, @jamieh and @1stInversion
I’ll certainly do a break until the end of dog days, whatever it means


Until recently, this forum was troll-free.
This means, the people were polite, politely asked question, got polite answers.
Then, some new people came, started commenting about inexistent “flaws”, bugs that weren’t the real ones and banning some of our most creative, most polite and most useful contributors.
This is not the forum I joined in quite a long time ago. These are not the users I was used to. This is not the place I want to stay anymore.
So, I join Claudio and José and say - farewell Scaler Forum and good people on it. It was an honor and pleasure discussing with you. Concerning the bad ones - I don’t even care.
The final chapter of my book on Scaler Forum is closed.


The weather is fresher, so my leaving ended


I came back, so joining me means coming back as well :grin:
don’t let us have gut reactions


Welcome back, @ClaudioPorcellana, glad to see you

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thanks Ed

it seems the damage was done already, because others are leaving :crying_cat_face:

I think this is an useful alert for any forum’s manager anyway: never leave a forum unattended if you don’t want problems

sorry for the imperative here, but it’s due :grin:

OK, let’s move to jam and compose at peace: this is why I changed the title


Ah no, you can’t leave just because someone was rude. No way.

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@RonnieGrepp I left for a few minutes… :grin:

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