When you drag and drop MIDI to your Daw, do you open dynamic?

When you drag and drop MIDI to your Daw, do you open dynamic?
If dynamic is turned off, the chord changes greatly

If dynamic is turned on, the chords are relatively balanced

Do you prefer to turn dynamic on or off?

On most of the time.

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On. Sometimes Dynamic + 1 octave.

Mostly on, but it depends on the part, the patch and what voicing seems to work best.

Remember the dynamic profile job is primarily to group voices together so there’s no extreme jumps (like from a c major triad up to an a minor triad). It also adds a bass note so all in all it feels more naturally harmonic and consistent to me. Great for experimenting.



What do you mean for “open dynamic”?

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I assume voice grouping is meant with this…


Curiously enough, “open” is also an option…



So, @swingmix selects that option before D&D the MIDI?

I never do D&D of MIDIs, but I’m curious as a :fox_face:

Most of the time, I do.

Turn on the dynamics, and the chords are more balanced. But there is also a new problem.
For example, if you turn on dynamics after the EDIT chord, then all EDITs are invalid.



turning on the dynamics

In other words, after turning on the dynamics, no matter how the chord changes, there is only one way.

Much of what dynamics are for are to avoid large leaps like the 2nd chord in your first picture. That’s a big jump. I personally want close changes on the chords because it sounds better unless you going for some special emphasis in the song.

I believe the best way is this. You can edit the chords and keep the edited chords in balance. Instead of turning on the dynamics and maintaining the balance, all the edited chords are invalidated. :smiley:

Not the way that I work. Your work flow works for you so that’s great. Scaler can work for many people in great creative ways.

When it is turned on, all changes disappear, chord transposition, and no matter what changes, there is only one default way for all chords. That’s not good.