Whenever I drag a chord pattern into Reaper, it changes some of the key? (noobie here)

Hi there,

I’m using scaler 2 in Reaper. Whenever I select “perform” and “expressions” it plays a different pattern when I play it in scaler than when I drag it into the Reaper project.

They sound similar but some keys are off. It’s happening all the time and it’s so frustrating. I must be doing something wrong. Is there a way I can upload a video here so I can clarify what I’m talking about?

Likely there is more than one why to do that, but only one way will do it exactly as you hear it and want it. I believe you need to play the performance in Scaler and then Record the midi out from Scaler (not the audio), into Reaper. That should give you “exactly” what it is playing and you are hearing.

Thanks for your reply! So I just press record, select play to play the pattern, and once the pattern is finished I reclick on record to stop recording and then drag it into Reaper?

No, that does not sound right. I believe you need to set up routing in Reapers to send the Scaler midi to a second track which records the incoming midi. There are some videos which show this “record the midi…” on the web. Let me see if I can find one for you. One was done by David here in the help area in an early video.

Here is part of the rabbit hole I believe you have to go down.

Then go to Workflow Videos - Scaler Plugin - Community Forum. One of those early workflow videos will show what I think you are trying to do. By the way, I do this in Reaper with not problems. So it should work out for you.

Maybe I’m saying it wrong. To simplify; whenever I select a chord, played out through “expeessions” and I drag it to Reaper, the midi notes don’t seem to match up completely with the notes played. Like I said I think I’m doing something wrong here. If I select another plugin as the instrument, it DOES play the right notes?

Sorry, I am apparently not helping. Check this out and see if this is of any help…

Otherwise, can you make a video to show us what you are doing, and what is wrong? Or finally perhaps we need some feedback from an expert, which I ain’t… :grin:

One last try,
Here is a picture of two tracks in Reaper, One is just the chords playing the sounds from Scaler. The second is a Performance from Scaler over the chords “dragged” into Reaper and playing in a Synth. I assume you want the Performance midi in Reaper to be exactly as it sounds in Scaler. This does. I can send you the Reaper file if this is what you need to do.

Silly question but have you turned ‘Expressions’ off after dragging? Otherwise you are expressing an expression!

Not a silly question at all. You’re a genius and I’m an idiot. That was it! Thank you so much! Solved!

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