Where Are The Performance Settings?!

I am trying out Scaler 2 after some baby steps taken months ago.

I three chords in Section C and have it tied to a performance. I copied one of them to make a fourth chord, and wanted to have a different performance associated with it. In the Chord Voicing edit screen, underneath the Playback Performances section, the only subcategory I see is Group, but not the rest of them, particularly the one where I can choose a different performance.

I’m a bit thrown off right now, so any help to resolve would be appreciated.

I have Scaler 2 2.5, and I’m on macOS Big Sur, the latest version. I’m running the plugin in Logic Pro 10.7.1.


Hi @Velanche… once you have a few chords in section C, you click on the edit button in the upper right menu…

Then you can select the “PLAYBACK PERFORMANCES” section…

Then you can create/associate different “GROUPs” to each chord, with custom configurable performances…

I hope this addresses your question?



Thank you for the assistance; I really appreciate it.

I was following a course video on it, but when Playback Performance was clicked on by the instructor, it opened the categories below GROUP and it did not appear, so I was thrown off. Glad to be back on track!

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