Where Are User Chord Sets - I Wanna Back Them Up

I just put a lot of work into a chord set. When I went to save it I decided to see if I could back it up to a copy. While I understand the idea that I can store folders, and create a 1-level deep folder structure, I so far do not see a reference to where the files are stored. I’d like to keep them all backed up actually (at least my user creations). Can someone please explain where I can find the file and/or file set I need to copy and paste to a safe backup location?

Hi Spingle,

Take a look here:

C:\Windows\Users\Public\Public Documents\Plugin Boutique\Scaler\Sets

There is a direct link to this folder in Scaler in the User chord set selector.

Click on User > Open Folder

I purchased a third party chord pack. They say to use the OPEN FOLDER to place user folder in. When I choose OPEN FOLDER nothing happens at all. I’ve tried with Scaler as an Instrument and a MIDI Plugin. Can you please provide the path to where is should be installed

Scaler: 1.8.1 AU
Logic: 10.4.6
Mac OS: 10.13.6


Hi @cris,

your user sets on MacOS are located in the shared documents: /Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler/Sets/


Thank you. I had found it by first saving a user set. Then when I went to Open Folder the path was revealed, otherwise you get nothing when choosing it.

I look forward to using scaler.

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Nothing happens when I click ‘Open Folder’ either.

I’m also using v1.8.1. AU on Logic Pro (Mac) like you @cris , so suspect this is a bug scaler team!

The solution is for you to first saving a user preset. Once you have created a user preset the Open folder path will be revealed.