Where can Scaler version be seen?


Where in Scaler can we observe the version that is running?

(I don’t see it anywhere under About - not in any of: Credits, Help, Registration, Legal)


Click on Scaler logo and you should see it in “About”, completely in the left lower corner.


OK, right you are! Thanks.

So faint, I didn’t even notice it …

FWIW, I suggest a darker font!


While we’re on the version information topic, would also be super helpful to have a little “what has changed in this version” list within the “About” screen itself.


is there still information in which month the new version will be released?

Excellent idea, @Bernd . This could be a section like Registration, Legal etc., called something like “What’s New” or “Version Info”. Much easier to find than to search in the Forum, although @Ed1 ads it, but we forget with time where this can be found. :slight_smile:

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