Where Soundpaint came from

I have just seen this interesting video by Troels who explains how his creature was made

Very, very funny
he says he was very bad at primary schools, so he had 2 options only for high schools: enter the priesthood or studying to be a librarian, and he selected the second option because libraries were full of women :rofl:

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What I don’t understand is why he called his baby “Soundpaint” instead of “Liquidsound” or “Seasound”, or even “winegardsound” :rofl: :thinking:

Mr. Troels, if you read this post, please enlighten me :grin:

He called it Soundpaint for the artist effect. You are painting with sound. Creating like a painter with audio.

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Ah OK, this is why video tutorials are of little use to me: I am unable to grasp the speech, notably when it is so fast, and automatic subtitles don’t help either

As a matter of fact, I am learning more looking at Troels hands movements on the keyboard, than from his speech :upside_down_face: :astonished: :grin: