Which Midi controller will be better - 25 or 37 keys?

I know this may be a wrong question, but I would like to know your point of view. I used the Captain Chord plugin before and there the number of octaves on the keyboard was important when using the midi keyboard (more octaves - more plugin functions could be used from the controller). In your opinion, is a 25-key keyboard sufficient or is it better to invest in 37 or more keys?

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There are other factors as well such as cost, key size and other features. I’ve tried 61key full size, 25 key full size and I’m now on 37 key smaller keys (Arturia Keystep). My choices have been driven by space and cost. Very pleased with the Keystep and my MODX has 5 octaves and is also a midi controller as needed.

Others will have their own views.

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Thank you for your response.
Does the number of keys somehow translate into your convenience of using the Scaler?

I’m a hobbyist doodler and don’t really use a keyboard much with scaler. I tend to just use section C to ‘play’ with patterns and sequences. Sorry I can’t be more help.

If space is not an issue then generally the bigger the better. Key action quality goes up the bigger the Keyboard too. 88 is too big for my Room but anything less the 61 is a no go for me.

Scaler is better if it has more range of Keys especially if you use Keylock feature also.

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A larger keyboard is particularly important with scaler if you want to use it’s ability to lock the chords to your right hand playing while playing a melody with your left. If you’re just setting up a series of chords and playing them in some sort of order then I think a 32 key is just fine for scaler. I don’t have a 25 key so I can’t really comment on that size. Personally I think I would only go with 25 keys if I was a decent keyboard player but wanted something compact with full sized keys. When you get into smaller key size, it can really mess with someone that actually knows how to play. The smaller key size is best for those like me that are more a hunt and peck keyboard player but just good enough to bother tapping out a rhythm on a keyboard.

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Yes, 61 key is the sweet spot for Scaler. So many good 61 key controllers out there.

I’m a hobbyist and neophyte virtual musician. Lacking any experience, I chose a 49-key controller. Scaler 2 makes me wish I had gone with a larger board, but at other times I feel like 49-keys is too large for my space. That’s my way of saying getting the longest board that you can comfortably fit/work with.

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I would suppose, but you could also add on a 25-ish key keyboard and the two “should” be able to play well together in the same space is also a possibility if width is an issue.

That way you can drag along whichever board you want, or both if need be.

I have an Alesis Q49 and I am starting to suspect this is why I am often unable to play melodies and expressions, phrases, etc together because the green keys are overlapped by chords notes

I have no space enough for a bigger keyboard anyway, so I will survive to this drawback, easily playing melodies after, not at the same time of chords