Who exactly are you guys?

Big fan of Scaler which I discovered several months back. But now I (and likely others) are wondering who are you guys? The web site does not give us a clue that I can see. Where are you in the world? How did Scaler come to be? What else are you working on? … With a product like Scaler, even developers can be rock-stars. So a little background for your fans would be appreciated.


Kind words thank you.
Click the scaler logo in app and go from there :v:
Scaler is made up of a creative team headed by myself and a development team headed by Ed1 (Edouard Mainier). Everyone involved loves music. The Dev team are also thoughtful and talented coders. On their side there are several brilliant musicians such as luapmartin (Paul Martin). The creative team features several long term, successful composers and producers. We also have a very close network we frequently tap into for help with things like music theory, expressions, modulations etc etc. This includes what we would consider to be the very top and most respected artists in their field.
Thirdly we have this amazing forum and group of people who give us extra motivation and help to make Scaler better.
Finally we have all the guys and network from Plugin Boutique that are like family to us. I have a long term relationship with Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique and we wouldn’t be a success hitherto without them.
Personally I would like to thank all that I have mentioned above for making Scaler great. We have some big plans for going forward and we are genuinely honoured to have the opportunity to leave (however small) a legacy on the music making industry.
EDIT! and we have our amazing users that range from Jean-Michel Jarre to Carl Cox to you! :pray:


great!cool! thank you very much!!!

Thank you also Davide! I hope you continue to have great success!