Who I am musically, and reasoning about DAWs and MIDI controllers

The zillion of hours spent to understand MIDI controllers, and trying in vain to tie-down roping those wild calves, was certainly a big waste of fun, but not a waste of time

Indeed, I realized I don’t like composing/editing but jamming, so I changed quickly my SoundCloud avatar

BTW @jamieh I think this explains my strange and ever-changing questions: I am was on the road to understand what I am going to be when I’ll grow up :grin:

Joking aside, I think to have understood that DAWs (even Ableton that is called “live”) were and are developed for composing, and about mapping controllers in particular, I believe in Ableton developers when they say that one cannot save a mapping outside templates and Live Sets because of the possible mapping overlapping

The following move could be acquiring a dedicated controller, but I want to be sure to not have 2 knick-knacks then (Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum), so I’ll ask to Sconamiglio if their D9U or D9X can really work in my particular ecosystem, something I am not sure about, why?

My IDEAL controller should talk with the matching plugin only, without being distracted by other controllers… but I am starting to think this is impossible, because the MIDI data-flow is managed centrally by the DAW, so that disturbing overlapping can easily jump out

And I also suspect that this is why scripts are developed, but I am unsure that scripts are the solution in my case, because they are developed for composing, not jamming live (or even jamming live maybe, but with a tech team that manages them)

And now I hope somebody switches the light on in the darkness of my reasoning

It’s like you lock all the doors in your house but don’t want to carry the keys with you to unlock the doors when you need to. So instead of carrying the keys with you, you figure out a way to climb in through a window so you don’t have to unlock the doors. Making a simple template is the key to the door in case you are missing my analogy here. :upside_down_face:
There are many, many people using Live live. In all countries. Using it to jam, perform elaborate stage productions, all kinds of things. Some people using it for live looping - playing parts into it and then playing along, etc. SO it is a Live instrument. But some learning is involved.

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maybe you are right
or I am just a fanciful people

Not just that dear @jamieh
Even the hole you put the key into matters

I just found why I was previously unable to load a preset into another one!

The reason is that I must do a D&D, not a double-click on the .als that will replace the current template :crazy_face:
To justify myself partly I always do these test during the night, when I am (too much) relaxed

Thanks a lot for that, but…
The VB3 template just mapped looses its mappings when added to another template

OK, I must start with the mapped Live Set, then add the unmapped ones
problem solved

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