Why can some software record MIDI, but others can't

Scaler is great at midi. MIDI can be recorded, chords can be selected and automatically generated, and MIDI can be dragged and dropped anywhere.
But I found that some software didn’t work. But some can be recorded
Why? Or can I record everything, but I just can’t find a way?

What software are you referring to? If would help to know.

I use Scaler excessively in MIDI device chains, and the only issues I ever ran into with it are usually DAW peculiarities.

Same here. Every DAW I use, and I use many different ones, have no trouble with MIDI from Scaler. Most don’t see the MIDI markers but that’s the DAW not Scaler.

The arpeggio player in Avenger can be converted to MIDI.
Nexus can’t

Nexus seems to be a very closed system. And also very expensive.

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The price of the basic version is okay, enough to use.

But it will accept MIDI from Scaler, right? You can play MIDI into Scaler I would think.

may not. Nexus turns off the MIDI out signal.
I tried many times, No.
But Avenger can.
Therefore, nexus cannot output MIDI or intercept ARP midi
But Avenger can do it.
That’s my problem. I thought there was another way. I don’t think so.