Why does Scaler not display C/E C/G

Sometimes chord inversion is used. Why does Scaler not display, such as C/E or C/G?

For example, when I choose 5 513 on the keyboard, I don’t show C/G, but Cmaj.

I think the thing to remember is that Scaler was originally intended as an analysis tool for people without music theory ability, hence C Major is the correct labelling. What you are suggesting is recognition of the bass note. Understanding the later requires some experience in theory which now many of our users have. So that is exactly where we are moving to with Scaler 2. Stay tuned!


I am looking forward to it.

That was a perfect answer. Guys, music is not supposed to be a perfect science and Scaler will not remove the need to learn basics. If that thinking prevails then what does the musician do? No matter what you put in the bass, the triad C-E-G will always be C major. A chord like C-D-F-G takes on different meanings depending on what is in the bass. That is where the musician comes in…not Scaler. Sometimes the bass is VERY significant. Sometimes not. What does the composition call for. Scaler does a good job already of identifying chords but bass notes are tricky. They can lie outside of the scale and chord as a passing tone. Then what? Ta-da! Enter the musician