Why pattern are limited to "only" eight chords?

please let me choose the lenght of the pattern by my own :wink: and include a scroll like you do when recording chords into scaler. - eight is not really enough - ok - for some pop-things of course - but when you do more complex things, eight is really …



Hi @hp3007

You can chain the the patterns to layout more complex songs.

Multi-select the patterns and they will automatically link. This works for the BIND as well, allowing you to trigger chords from any of your patterns with your keyboard.

We experimented with scrollable and variable length patterns during development but the usability wasn’t great.
It would require a lot of changes to do this properly and other features have been prioritised for now. This is definitely something we will improve next time we do a major redesign :wink:


I would have never imagined that
thanks to the forumists