Why the amazing Keys-lock function might not work for you and How to make it work

Over time I had a lot of fun with the keys-lock function. I used it to transform old children and folk songs into jazzy, funky or rocky songs with little similarity to its original. Or I used it to overcome InstaComposer’s lack of scales (IC only features three) but from time to time it wouldn’t work especially in my livestreams when I needed a performance to my progression quickly. That was because I did not really understand how this function works. I am not sure if this is a thing for you or not. But I thought I’d make a video about it and share it with you. Why Scaler’s Keys-lock function might not work for you


AAAAAH, so helpful, this was a tricky area, I didn’t properly get that Keylock only functioned for User presets with midi coming into the plug. Now I can force a composition into the Phrygian b4 scale if I need to ;-)). Gigantic horizons opened up, mega-useful.

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Sure, but you are missing the “solo” features… :grin:

Use one of the 2 bottom options (in the Keys Lock drop-down menu), so activating the Solo green-keys, then mute the Scaler output, and you’ll be able to hit those green keys (live and into Scaler driving another plugin) to play solos whose notes are (often, but not always) all in-tune and in-scale

have fun

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Actually, that is something I avoid at all costs. While I enjoy using the perform features, I also try to become a better keyboarder. And acquiring the muscle memory for different scales and tonics is something I do not want to miss. :innocent:


You are a lucky man :grin:

I am perfectly aware I cannot improve too much, so I use any available trick, in the few arts I play with


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BTW, I said “solo” features, but you can actually use green-keys also to play chords, or to add embellishment notes to a series of chord made by another synced Scaler instance that sends its input to the same instrument… :wink:

You could also just feed one instance of Scaler into another instance of Scaler. Assuming your DAW has that routing ability. I would assume most do now days, but can’t say for certain.


I like this idea! Especially with autosync this is pure gold. :sunglasses: