Why there are no AI or MIDI-based winds VSTs?

Or, if they are, can you name some?

Having a passion for funk, I always struggled to find a plugin that has credible funky sound and patterns (like e.g. Broomstick Bass or the Toontrack ones) and that is easy to jam-on for a bad-room producer (pun intended :grin:) like me

But all the plugins I found so far don’t have the needed features

The plugins with most credible sounds are huge, VERY huge sample-based stuff, with tons of articulations, and/or they are expensive, and they require high tickling skills, and big keyboard sometimes, but none of them has an AI that does style-based articulations automatically, nor MIDI-banks like e.g. in my EZBass, so I always ended to throw them in the rubbish YUK

The only way I found so far is driving Xpand!" decent winds with Broomstick Bass, Scaler basses, EZbass or Ezkeys, where the cons for all is that they have very few funk patterns

Any suggestion?
I missed some suitable plugins?
I am even willing using KontaKt if such a plugin exists LOL

Have you tried that addon?

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Modern Funk EZkeys MIDI | Toontrack Here’s another package.

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Yes, I have all them, but there are no more than that
maybe I can also use some jazz or latin pack, but there are too few anyway

I can also play something with my hands, but a Toontrack/Broomstick Bass-style brass is still to come out