Will there be a Scaler 2.7 or will it be 3.0?

Just wondering if there will be a 2.7 release in the near future, or are we expecting 3.0 to be the next release later this year or next year?
I’m not concerned with how soon a new version will be available, just would like to know what version to expect.
Do you normally send out an email to registered users when new versions are released or should I be checking my Plugin Boutique account every couple weeks?

Scaler 2.7 is pencilled in for November! Will have some features some users will be happy with and a drop of some major extension of content. Stay tuned!


Great. Sounds like a lot of good features :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Awesome! Thank you for the great news.

Oh the Wakeman button is eventually available then!
:grin: :rofl:


And a David Jon Gilmour button for @Miki please


Looking forward to this! Can’t wait to see what new surprises are on board.

was the next-weeks-lottery-numbers feature finally implemented? :rofl:

Looking forward to it, thanks Davide.

WOW, this is the best button ever!
so I can have my first recording studio set eventually, with any sort of keyboard I can dream for, and then I can hire Rick Wakeman himself to play them :grin:

thanks for your insight

Look forward to it, updates are always welcome, especially when they don’t cost anything. Great news for an already great plugin.

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Sounds Great! Can’t wait to see what the Scaler Team has done.

We’ve been playing with the 2.7 beta (desktop and iOS) and devs have done a great job implementing everything. I must say it has some very exciting yet simple features which really improve working with Scaler. Plus there are lots of new composers on board providing some great content so it’s turning into a major release! Best of all? Looking likely for an early November release if Plugin Boutique have anything to do with it. We will open a beta test soon, would be invaluable to have you all join it to give it a good run through in case we’ve missed anything in our testing. Apply to join the beta test group here:


I am available but I don’t understand if I can join

if I click on Request, HAL9000 says I asked that already

Hi, amico. As I may see, you are not member of the group so I would check with @Ed1 what is going wrong with this. He can certainly allow you to join.

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It says the same to me so I can’t join?

I’ve accepted you should be in

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Try again and Ill accept

I’m already on the list so I don’t need to do anything, correct?

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there are tons of beta-testers :hushed:

never seen such a big number, even for way more expensive SWs


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