Windows 11


I am consideriong upgrading to Windows 11. Does anyone have experience of of the upgrade? If so what are the pros and cpns of Windows 11? Is it stable and are there any issues with it?

I updated using the official MS work around, as my i7, 32gb RAM PC didn’t meet the minimum spec bizarrely.
Works like a dream, no problems whatsoever. Looks lovely too.

The Compulsive Upgrading Team acknowledges

I am on Windows 10 and zero intention to update
My wife is still on Windows 7 and uses it professionally (not in the music field anyway)

And I still have an old notebook with Windows XP that works like a charm

P.S: all OS work like a charm after installation; the problems jump out later

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Yes, strange. I have i7, 16GB and receive the offer by MS to update to Win11.

Stability, so so, according to Youtubers. I didn’t update because this will be considered as a new machine and my music SW licenses could be restricted. All that is iLok should be probably unauthorized before the update. Maybe some others, too. WIN10is supported until 2025 and until then , the stability of W11 will be improved. Maybe waiting a little bit more.

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I’ve adopted a policy of upgrading OS only when I get a new machine. This allows a controlled transfer, so that everything can run in parallel before doing the final switch. My old Win 7 machine is now a backup / test machine,

Each of the last 3 upgrades has cost me far more than the Windows upgrade price, because the new OS didn’t support various drivers. So my scanner went along with XP, and my 8 port MIDI interface along with Win 7.

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Thanks guys, I usually wait.

I’m from the old school…
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Win 10 now, unless everything stops working.
MS does not need to know everything I do!

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It appears to me that is really the only viable option to get Windows 11 anyway. I heard that most existing PCs are not powerful enough (by Windows’ own advisory), and Microsoft is playing the old Wintel Cartell game, in bed with manufacturers, forcing (otherwise unnessary) obsoletion.

My well running Win 8.1 has been spitting up manipulative messages about needing Windows 11, and of course new hardware. If this machine locks itself up by Microsofts doing, I swear, I am going to switch my music workstation to Linux…

It’s a case of ‘feint heart never won fair maiden’. If you don’t wanna upgrade, then don’t. Not had one problem in nearly 12 months at my end.

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Got Windows 11 here and no issues so far. But I see the point in waiting. Right now nothing forces you to move from Windows 10.

I actually upgraded a W10 machine to W11, and have had zero issues. Pre-built ASUS machine, Ryzen 5600X / 32gb RAM. I run Studio 1 v5 (soon, I guess, v6 - since it got released today.)

TBH, I waited awhile to do the upgrade, as I was particularly concerned about my music production software.

Shockingly, a W11 upgrade did NOT improve my compositional skills. I rather doubt the new version of Studio 1 will help much, either, but there’s always hope.


Do you have any iLok protected VST, such as Sonivox or EatWest or so? These are problematic when changing OS as they consider the machine as a new PC and one authorization is lost.

I have. Didn’t have a problem as far as I remember.

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Doesn’t Win10 go to 2025? If so I’m good for now. When Linux gets better at bridging VSTs I’ll be leaving windows in the dust bin of history.

Yes, it does. So, you’ll be OK. Me, too. :smile:

By which time, as it is 3 years away, I will probably have upgraded my hardware, so…

Yeah, it’s completely stable now!! i’ve been using 11 for a long time. First time 11 was so bugy and faced a lot of issue but now seems very stable.

Upgraded to windows 11 plus added a SSD drive…using Cakewalk Sonar plus scaler.
Not a single hitch so far on any software I have installed…upgraded on two other PC’s and same.
First Windows upgrade that I did not have trouble with.
Another fast gaming PC -windows warns not compatible…as they have not tested with the CPU’s in it.
Anyone upgraded a non compatible never tested CPU PC yet?

whats the workaround?