Wishlist for Scaler > 2.05


Thank you for your fast and effective updates!

After the current update is before the next update -

While getting to know Scaler 2, I got some ideas for further features:

  • setting personal favorites to expressions
  • copy and paste function for the chord currently being edited

All the best

Thanks Michael. We have some ideas for snapshots which will allow for favouriting. It’s on the roadmap and something I am very excited about. Could you elaborate on number 2? You can copy chords and you can also extract voicing.

Thank you!
I meant: copy-paste with context-menü in edit-mode

Ok understood and considered thanks. You know you can option drag to copy?

Thank you Davide, I don’t know if we’re talking about the same thing:
My aim is to duplicate the chord I’m editing with all its parameters including voicing, timing and performance. Then I could easily change some of the parameters of the new chord.

We are indeed talking about the same thing. See attached!