With Morricone

I’ve made a exercise to write Deborah Theme by Morricone in Studio One and post it on Youtube.
using east west instruments

if you have any suggestions…
the sounds of the strings are too sharp in my taste but I don’t know how to sound them smoother
in the hall of my city it sounds much much more smoother
your mission, if you accept it is smoothing eastwest banks
good day from France

Smoothing violins?
Spreading butter on their strings can be useful, maybe?
:grin: :rofl:

using CC 1 and 11, working on it, trying to shape the sound with attack, volume …

Oops, we’ve got the same icon …

do I have to change it?

Absolutely not …I have no problems at all … just remarking as you don’t get many clashes of colour / letter.