Wondering if I am missing something? Record MIDI chords in DAW?

I downloaded a Scaler v1.8 demo and have been trying it out in REAPER 6.3.

I have instantiated it on a track and can listen to its built in sounds.

I have also routed to another VSTi on another track and can hear the chords with that VSTi.

I can record the bound trigger notes using a MIDI controller on the tracks.

What I can not seem to do but expected to be able to, is record the MIDI chords as I “play” them by triggering the chords within the Scaler interface by clicking on the chord labels. I can play a progression in this manner but I can not seem to record the MIDI.

I can drag and drop the chords into REAPER, but I can’t seem to get REAPER to record the chords even though they are obviously being sent to the other VSTi as MIDI. I can hear the chords (even with the Scaler built in audio muted) as I play them in the scaler interface so they seem to be routed correctly.

I am writing to ask if I should expect to be able to do this, so that I may either continue trying to figure out what I am doing wrong or if I should accept that it is not possible.

Thank you.

There are a few workaround to record your ‘external instrument’ see the tutorial sections of this forum.

FYI Scaler 2 has a midi capture feature which records the actual midi notes of everything you are doing. Due Q1 2010

Thank you.

I think I just figured it out.

On the REAPER track with my second VSTi, I set the Record option to "Output (MIDI) and now I can capture the MIDI chords.

Thank you.

Hello…as per my experience as long as you don’t change scale or use easy scale(s) containing a given number of notes it isn’t a big deal for composing such things like you want.
(notice : Easy scale mode can ease adaptation process if changing idea for a transposition, scales modulations etc. as you manipulate keynotes relative positions in the scale and not their absolute chromatic positions)

I think it’s also theorically possible to drive this from an other midi controller containing pads… and allow record of such live performance with two fingers