Wonky Scaler 2

Anyone else notice that Scaler2 is a bit Wonky?

For example, I create a pattern and drag it into Logic Pro X. It sounds completely different from what is played. The timing is off and the chords are dissonant and not the ones that play inside Scaler 2. When I make changes to the chords and apply the changes, they don’t change.

I have had so many problems with it I have gone back to Scaler 1.

I love the ideas behind the new features so I hope all of this can be straightened out soon, and before Scaler 3.

Scaler 2 is a bit more complex than Scaler 1. And subsequently the learning curve is a little longer.
It sounds like you have have dragged chords over and still have the section in BIND mode. So chords are triggering bound chords. Turn off bind when dragging.
Whilst the learning curve its greater there is a wealth of good YT videos, onboard manual and guided videos and other online resources. Check them out. You will love Scaler 2 when you get to know it.


Thanks. It might also have just been LP 10.5. Anyway I will try that solution.