Workflow on chord variations

Currently when selecting chords of a scale you are shown the standard chords, which you can then drag into the chord set box to use in your song. If you want to hear chord variations, you click on that button and then pick the note of the scale that you want to see the variations on, then drag that chord into your chord set box.

Then you can play the chords in your cycle mode in the chord set box. If you don’t like the variation picked, you remove the one you have and drag down another etc.

Would it be better for workflow if in the variation selection could be done by dropdown from within the chord set box?

So if each chord in the set box could be scrolled down through each of the variations (for that chord in the particular scale and key) So again in cycle mode you could very quickly hear a variation you like without having to first remove the old chord and then drag down the new variation from the variation list.