World instruments without KK

Hi pals

After a deep search, I found a way to have several World instruments without using KK :rofl:

I bought the Garritan World instruments

Yesterday I tried to do an African tribal rhythm and I was able to do it in a few minutes driving multiple percussion with Scaler :grinning:

Playing other instruments correctly is clearly way harder, and better accomplished by hands, but I am satisfied at the moment, even because the tool contains other instruments like the Irish bagpipe that I’d love using

The plugin seems very stable and doesn’t stress my PC so much

Thinking on my plugins, I noted that the most PC-torturer is actually AAS Strum-GS, so maybe the latter will be replaced in the future

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You always fiend a way to do what you intend. :grinning: Good job my friend. We are waiting for more stuff from you.

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