WOW this is amazing! Singers for free... well almost ;-)

I just found the dream of a life came true :astonished:

I tried in the past to do something similar with AlterEgo but the results were ugly, while this Vocals Sample Libraries produce wonderful stuff

This one in particularly, where you can type a text and they sing is enticing

The only problem is that likely my wallet & PC are unable to cope with

Yeah I like Hollywood singers, In my work we are using vocalists all the time, but arranging one, coming up with lines, agreeing terms and then arranging the recording can take too long so flexible vocal libraries are great. You see me using Arcade in my videos sometime and they have lots of vocals which pitch and stretch really well and you can also easily edit the phrases which means you can use them and sound different. I have lots of vocal libraries and use them all the time. Then there are lots of great sound libraries like Loopcloud, Splice etc which have lots and lots of vocals!


I know. I bought this incredibly VST while it was on sale for 119$ US and its sooooo good. Two of the three ladies accompanied Pink Floyd (I know, I know :wink:) for years. 119$ is really not too much for such a quality and your PC should be OK because mine has quite similar properties and it’s wonderfully smooth. I used them in this song. If you don’t want listening my vocal struggling, go directly to about 1:34 and listen what the ladies do :slight_smile: BTW this is improved version of the song you listened some time ago.
These days, they had it at the same price. Don’t know is it still available. I expect the next sale maybe for the 4th of July and certainly for Black Friday. So, grab your wallet and buy them :rofl:


and why?
your voice is OK to me :grin: :wave:

Anyway, I have some similar male & female voices that sing vocals, but this plugin sing ANY text you write in ANY language and this particular feature is very amazing to me

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Well, yes, but… Not easy though. I did not make it, but to be honest, I did not try enough :grin:

Thanks for the tip. An attractive cloud offer that I think I should try.

@Miki I think the text-to-sing feature works ONLY for Hollywood singers, not the other flavors

BTW, I have a great text-to-speech tool, TextAloud 4, with some nice professional voices, and I was tempted to try them together with Melodyne, but Hollywood singers could be easier :grin:

In the same range but simpler is Melobytes, just found now on Internet

I tested it with a short text:

and here is the result: funny but ugly


It works, as I know, for Hollywood Backup Singers, Symphonic Choir and Hollywood Choir. I believed wordbuilder worked also for Voices of Soul, but it looks like it’s not the case. So, i wonder why is the price the same as for Hollywood Singers. But the guys on Youtube who master this tool show its real power. Difficult but incredible VST.

this was exactly the voice I was tempted do bring
Or better, I could buy rather a male voice to backup mine

According to me, Hollywood Singers can be used for soul with a right melody. As i indicated, C.C. White in Voices of soul is also one of the three ladies in Hollywood Singers.

I tried to download the demo, but they want iLok YUK!

unfortunately, my PC is totally deKappaized (and also deZeeized BTW) so I will not install it

The same applies to KontaKt tools clearly :grin: :rofl:

Not HW iLok, just its software version that registers VST on a local machine. I have a lot of plugins like this. All from Sonivox, EW, what else?

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I know, but as I said no K & Z allowed in my PC
:grin: :rofl:

I never know what you are talking about.
Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 10.22.41 AM

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It was a particularly laborious program to install. However worth it … the sounds are wonderfully good. Even the sound of the piano touches my ears.

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Can anyone advise how to use that “Wordbuilder” section? Because if I press it then it goes to that view which is in the second picture. I can’t write words anywhere. Obviously words should be able to be written somewhere or have I misunderstood?

You need to select an “instrument” i.e. voice that enables wordbuilder. Its almost never the first one lol. Which EW VST do you use? I don’t see well on my phone.

I don’t know for sure what you mean, but in that example picture is “Backup Singers”.

OK, I have them :slight_smile:
You need to select 6 - WB Multi (WB = WordBuilder)

Then open “Perform” et voilà:


Thanks a lot! I got help from you faster than program support. You should ask this forum even though you will be informed about the weather. :grinning:

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