You've got to try this!

I’ve been trying all the fantastic Songs, Artists and Performances. Often many are just bewildering. This can be something as simple as not understanding the name given, to how I could use them in the context of a song.

Don’t get me wrong, I use many over and over, and I’m sure this would vary according to individual taste. I do wish I could hide the ones I don’t like/use rather than having to keep User settings.

However, I have found something that was staring me in the face that I think is amazing!

I love to play chords in my left hand and search for melodies with my right, so that’s standard for most of us.

However, this can get a bit monotonous at times when you seem to be using the same key, same chords and same notes.

During one of these moments, I found another ‘Wow!’ moment with Scaler.

My set-up:
Scaler Control = Midi Track
Instrument = Steinway Grand Piano (Logic Inst)
Scale = C
Key-Lock = Chord Notes
Voice Grouping = C2 - B3
Humanise = Both
Section B = Binding On
I moved the KeySwitches down one octave using Preferences. I did this to match my keyboard, which only has 49 keys.

With these settings, I can easily play chords using the KeySwitches and use white notes to play melodies.

I’d been playing for about thirty minutes, and that same-old, same-old was setting in. My fingers were on autopilot and tinkering with some melody. I was staring at Scaler, wondering what to do next. I was flicking up and down the many Scales in the middle section of Scaler when I accidentally clicked on the Harmonic Major Scale. It was like I was playing something so different, and a magical tune played back at me.

I’ve spent much time going up and down, and trying, the many scales. I have found chord progression and melody treasures all the way. If you have not tried playing the many scales, you are missing a gem of Scaler.

Have a go, and let us all know what you think.


It’s those “happy accidents” that keep so many of us coming back for more! Thanks for this…I’ll give it a try.

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