1.7 License Issue

Scaler randomly un-registers and won’t let me re-register with my license until I close FL studio.
I have to start new projects to use it which is a nuisance.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @FLguy

Which platform are you using FL Studio on?
Have you checked that there isn’t a software running on your machine that could be causing the issue?

It could be related to a file access issue, caused by an antivirus for example.

Usually in Windows system, I will shut down windows upgrade and shut down windows anti-virus, firewall and so on. Because it feels like they often cause some software malfunctions…

Windows 10 64 Bit.

It’s odd because out of hundreds of plugins, only Scaler seems to have this issue.
I don’t have any software running in the background except Windows defender, which is on by default.
I will turn off Windows defender and see if it still happens.

It’s just odd because it will stay registered for a few sessions then randomly ask for my license again, work for a few more sessions, and ask again, etc etc.

Something seems to make the VST un-register itself, hopefully it is Windows defender.

I’ll post back with my findings.

Hi @FLguy,

The registration process simply move the license file on the disk (in your user account folder: “C:\Users[ username ]\AppData\Roaming\Plugin Boutique\Scaler\scaler.license”) so Scaler can read it when it starts.

I know some antivirus can prevent the file from copying properly. Is there anything you can think of that could cause the file to be removed or replaced after it has been copied?


I copied my license into the app data folder and replaced the one that was in the folder.
No issues since!

Thanks for the help!

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