1 Key chord recording function

It would be really cool if when the midi was locked and you were playing chords with 1 key you could record the complete chord not just the note, that way if i wanted to live record the chords without having to paste them in blocks and then move them into the daw my work flow would go much faster. In Short, when I load Scaler as an instrument lock the midi notes and rifle through the chords they are sent onto the track as chords that can be recorded not just notes.

Yes that is the correct behaviour of Scaler in order to trigger the bounciest chords. This behaviour will change in Scaler 2 allowing you to record the midi output. Stay tuned to Q4 2019


Excellent! Scaler is a wonderful tool for getting my ideas down quickly as I am not a keyboardist guitar is my main Instrument. Please don’t think that I’m nit-picking I really like this plugin and use it a lot, it’s just that the ability to record actual chords with 1 key would be much faster than moving them around and exporting them. I don’t mean that the current setup is bad, I love it. Thanks for listening to my rambling.

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