1st chord of progression gets missed randomly when looping

Hello everyone!

I’ve set up a loop cycle, but every so often (seemingly random), the 1st chord of the progression does not play when the loop cycles around. Does anyone know why this might be happening?


What is Global beat set to? Based on what I see here with the loop each chord is supposed to be playing one beat of 4/4 time? Is the DAW looping correctly?

Hi jamieh. Thank for your reply.

The global setting in scaler is 2 beats and the project is 4/4. The DAW cycle is set to 4 bars exactly.
The loop plays as expected a couple of times and then randomly starts to drop the first chord every so often as the loop cycles around. It doesn’t happen every time, just sometimes and seemingly random.

I’ve duplicated this in Live and it loops with no problem. I did notice you don’t have loop set in Scaler - try turning that on.

Hi jamieh.

Unfortunately that didn’t make any difference.

I duplicated the scaler and used the internal sounds and it’s fine. The one I’m having a problem with is triggering a strings sample library from East West, but I don’t see why it would play the chord sometimes and not others.

Hi @Tedness

Just to clarify, does this occur when you use Scaler with any other instrument, or only with

Also could you just confirm your OS, and the hardware spec, CPU and RAM, please? This may help localise the issue.

Which East West? How is it set up. Sounds like a East West thing and not Scaler What if you drag and drop the chord track to East West? Does it play then?

HI ed66.

It seems to happen only when triggering the East West strings library.

Hi jamieh.

East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold instantiated on an instrument track in Logic X with Scaler Control 2 instantiated as a MIDI Effect to control it.

It plays fine when I drag and drop the MIDI, so no idea why it won’t when playing via Scaler.

And that’s the only plug-in that happens to?

It may be a resource issue (cpu? RAM?) with

Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t get ant notifications that I’d received your reply.

So far, it’s the only instrument I’ve come across where this happens.

Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t get ant notifications that I’d received your reply.

CPU and RAM are not under any pressure. It’s just one instance of EWQLSO and a couple of scalers in this project.

macOS 13.5.2, 2.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 1 TB SSD with 600GB free space.

This has now started happening with another instance of Scaler triggering the internal piano sounds. Instead of completely cutting the first chord off randomly, it triggers it, but it decays immediately.

If I stop and restart playback, it plays properly a couple of times or so before cutting the first chord short again randomly.

Hi @Tedness

I have ran a few test inside Logic and noticed similar behavior to what you have mentioned here. I have submitted this issue for the development team to have a look at.

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