2.06 beta - Enable delete key to delete a chord, selection of chords, or pattern(s)

If I select a single chord or group chords or a pattern and wish to delete them, can you enable the delete key to do this ?


This is a tough one, do you or don’t you. Given the inconsistency across plugs other developers clearly struggle with the same conundrum. I’m tending to agree here. Let me chat with DEVS to get the teams thoughts.

Rather than doing a right/command click in order to delete an unwanted chord how about being able to simply drag the chord to a (BIG ) bin icon?

As it happens there IS a bin icon to the left - but
a) drag to bin doesn’t work
b) its too small an icon to easily drag to.

Failing this - were it possible to highlight the chord that is clicked on then simply pressing DELETE might also be an option but I’m fine with drag-to-bin if theres some subtle GUI usability issues or plugin API/event-handling wise with deleting by keyboard.

YIKES!! apologies - ive just discovered how to select a block or more and delete!

My bad for not RTFM.

But maybe a drag-to-bin option might also be useful anyway for situations where one has mouse or trackpad to hand but not the keyboard ?

You can just lasso and hit delete or right click and ‘remove’