2.7.3 crashing and also fails validation

Updated today and I’m kicking myself. lol. I was just thinking that I was grateful the system was stable after buying a new mac with Ventura already installed. Getting crashes when option dragging to move chords around in Edit, Pad, and Main screens. I don’t use the other ones much, so I don’t know. Crashes have been recoverable so far, and I had three tonight. BUT…just restarted for the first time after install and Scaler 2 and Scaler 2 midi were failing to validate. The message said I had active plug that were not compatible with the OS. Both plugs passed on rescan. Re-enabled in Plug-in Manager, and all was well. But on subsequent restarts, midi scaler passes, and audio version fails and has to be rescanned everytime.

Scaler 2.7.3, Macbook Pro M1 Pro
Logic 10.7.7
Ventura 13.2

Hi @BlothR

are you running Logic with Rosetta? You can have a look here at how to do it:

Hi Ed, I am not running Rosetta. It gets kind of sluggish when I do. Logic reacts slowly when I click around the interface sometimes. Once it cranks up things are looking better and I am able to work so far. Its just a pain to do to that rescan every time. I noticed that the interface can be dragged to another monitor screen without looking all funky now. It used to sort of disappear and come back in parts when yoou clicked it, That has gotten better.

Same problem for me too! MacMini 3.2Ghz Intel, Monterey OS, Logic 10.7.7, Scaler 2.7.3…

Hi @Rebart

Thanks for reporting your issue. Did you experience any of those issue with previous version? Or is it specific to 2.7.3?