2 thing I dislike about Scaler 2

This first thing I dislike about scaler 2 is they took away the ability to preview the other chords on a pattern while editing a chord. Second thing is that we’re still not able to edit chords via midi input.

We are addressing point 1. But At the cost of point 2

So we shall have section c visible and will retain the bind state and you can play through your progression whilst editing. This will hog your keyboard input so you can edit and add and remove notes via scalers keyboard. I think it’s a good solution to being able to preview in situ which I also miss.


Thanks for the reply, and cool I understand, if we can just address point 1, I’ll be happy with that. It makes finding the perfect voicing and voice leading much easier. All in all terrific plugin.


Why in the world would they take away the ability to preview the other chords on a pattern while editing a chord?

Can you explain more fully about the applications and work flows in how you would use a feature to be able to edit chords via midi input–I’m not fully understanding the application or how you would use such a feature- Appreciate your detailed explanation very much-- Rodger

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Editing a chord via midi input or in better words, creating chords via midi input is essentially just creating a chord by pressing the keys on your midi keyboard. I like to step away from excess mouse clicking whenever possible. Also, It can be faster if you know the chord you want to create by pressing the keys simultaneously. A clear button to clear the chord for a restart would be a nice addition. On a side note, let’s add back the edit button under the chords in the pattern. I get tired of right clicking and selecting edit every time I need to make an edit.