3 EZBass for a sax, a trombone, and a trumpet

Hi pals

I am working in Cantabile, that I use currently to test ideas and t jam on, but the principle is the same

Use 3 EZbass instances with funk MIDIs to drive a sax, a trombone, and a trumpet

The MIDIs can be selected by ear, checking how they play well (or bad) together

Then add Scaler and find a series of chords in the same scale, A min in this case

When you have a nice brass & guitar part, you can add more instruments, and jam on eventually

Have fun


Claudio, let me see if I understand this. It looks like you’re effectively doubling the EZ Bass part in trumpet, trombone, and sax - is that it?

I’m in Studio One, so I might be misreading. It looks like you’ve created a bass line and groove in EZ Bass, and you’re then outputting this to different instruments. Or are you doing something different?

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I am using the 1st EZbass to output its bassline AND to drive the Soprano sax

Then I use other 2 EZbass instances, with the same root note but different riffs, to drive the Trombone and the Trumpet

I hope it’s clear now

I think so. Since EZ Bass outputs (mostly) solo lines, you’re using it as a riff generator - the first instance with the sax doubling the bass, the other instances independently. Clever!

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Actually I can use a funky MIDI/loop as well, but I have EZBass already, and I have many EZBass funky banks: this is why I prefer it

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Claudio, I tried this, and it’s brilliant - especially with baritone sax.

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I am happy that you liked it
The same applies to EZKeys BTW, even if not all patterns are suitable

Hi pals

in case somebody wants to get the possible output, here is one called Funkbass