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VERY impressive and useful tips!

Scaler Drives A BAND!


I noticed a detail that he only used simple ARP and bass in common style when playing
But it sounds good.
This is why I want to add a variety of common styles. It seems boring and simple, and it’s really great. For more ordinary people, they can play music. For music producers, you can also quickly complete demo and then process it. Saving time for mankind is a great victory.
Some complex melodies are really better and more characteristic, but they may not be able to be played frequently or even sung, because there are many other sounds added into them. It sounds good, but it can’t be used often.
What sclaer needs to do is to use it immediately! You can do it right away!
In addition, I found that as long as the chords are found well, common styles can also play a variety of good music accompaniment. The core competitiveness of scale is to find chord! Create chords!
If it is for the production of accompaniment, then the common style is more important.
I keep repeating this because I use scaler more than 8 hours a day. This is my personal experience. If it’s more similar next time, you can add all kinds of music styles to perfoemance. I believe scaler will be more popular.
These are just my personal views.


Didn’t see how to imbed the video…thanks! :slight_smile:

Just copy and paste the YouTube link
You don’t have to write your own labels

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We need Drag and Drop between Browser Tabs!!! :slight_smile: