808 distorsion Sidebrain rack for free

From Sidebrain a 808 distorsion rack for free

P.S: I don’t know what 808 means, apart the this one, but I’m sure somebody else, @Bernd for example, know

Roland TR-808 - Wikipedia

The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer , commonly known as the 808 , is a drum machine manufactured by the Roland Corporation between 1980 and 1983.

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Propellerheads (famous now for Reason) created Rebirth RB-338, which had 303 and 808 synths in, and which were extremely good emulations. I spent many hours with this. It was arguably the key driver for the rapid growth of the company.

See ReBirth RB-338 - Wikipedia

However, @ClaudioPorcellana , if you are not familiar with the sounds, one of the best tracks made with the app can be found here
TGV's KiloMix '98 [part 1] - © by T.G.ViRUS '98 - YouTube ,
which shows what it could do.


Very interesting but… :thinking:
It was only by accident that it was called TR-808 (TRain 808)?

Maybe the drum produced a noise somewhat close to that famous USA train?

TR was used by Roland for their series of long standing drum machines (505/606/707/808/909) and it stands for ‘Transistor Rhythm’, there are many specific 808 docos but this one is great and free and covers everything great and Roland https://youtu.be/JcbpRMZIQ8g


I know, but the 808 puzzled me, and who knows anyway?

I read that many famous song names jumped out for the most unsuspected reasons
for example, studying nudibranchs