A big thank you

I would just like to send a personal statement of great thanks to David, not just for the excellence of the new Scaler 2 but also for the CarbonElectra synth as well. Both of these are exceptional music creation tools. The accompanying synth tutorials are immensely helpful to anyone starting out with Synths because they are such complex instruments it is difficult, daunting and frustrating to get any sort of usable sound from them when you start. The synth tutorial that comes in association with CarbonElectra gives a newcomer a greater understanding of what you can do with them & how to achieve what you are looking for.

The new Scaler 2 takes Scaler 1 to new heights of usefulness. It contains everything that I asked for by my suggestions. I don’t know if anyone was listening at the time or whether everyone was asking for the same thing but in Scaler 2 what I was hoping to see is certainly there and it is excellent. Again a personal thank you to David and the rest of the team responsible. These 2 purchases have probably been the best 2 investments that I have ever made on musical equipment.


Thanks very much for the positive feedback. It’s comments like these and knowing that somehow you are making a contribution that makes it all the more special. I’m grateful for your acknowledgement of my work in Carbon Electra which I love and still use today and Scaler. With Scaler I was joined by @Ed1 who shared my vision to make something special that makes making music a little easier for us all. We (Ed, I and the team) are more committed than ever with the hype and positivity that has come from the release of scaler 2. Lots of hard work to come, lots of great features on the way. Thanks again :blush:


Let me jump on this wagon. You guys have done a tremendous job with Scaler2 - design and function are top notch! Kudos to your coders. You should all be very proud of what you have accomplished.


These commentators mirror my gratitude to David and his team for both the development and explanation of Scaler 2. The thoughtful construction of this facility is greatly appreciated and using Scaler is definitely improving in my understanding/application of music theory. Thank you so much.


I would also like to add my thanks to the team behind Scaler 2. Not only has it helped me write music that I would not have done otherwise, it has helped me to learn more about musical theory. In this current climate of Pandemic, music has been my outlet, so thank you!!


I am strongly supporting these sentiments. I was someone who intuitively always wanted to get involved with music, but as a younger person was always told to be too stupid because I had a different learning style. I played 2 years trumpet in a church band without being able to read notes, but apparently I had an ability to improvise that should have put me in a jazz band. I ended up working with computers, which of course the old garde always claimed “wasn’t really music”. So I am really happy that a computer tool finally gave me the music theory education that my prior teachers & parents were never able/willing to give me. I hope many other people get to experience their passion because someone figures out novel ways to teach and provide the tools for self exploration. So thank you very much to Davide, Ed, and the development team in the background. I am happy to spread the word and help by whatever means to make Scaler x.x realize that vision to empower the creativity of musicians.