A question about Midi Capture and Midi Chord track. A request?

Hi Folks.
I use Scaler as a learning / exploration tool. Not a production plugin. Recently I wanted to take composition and rework (inversions, etc) some of the chords. My setup allows: either a Midi Chord file or Midi Chord data fed to Scaler “live”.

Seems like there is no way to import Midi Chord file or or capture Midi Chord data in such way, so it populates these chords as Scaler chord blocks, in Scaler’s sequencer.

Is that true, or I am doing something wrong?

Thank you.

Hey Mike;
Not exactly sure what scenario you are working with, but here are a number of ways to get midi into Scaler and have it create the “chord blocks”. I’m in Studio One and Windows

Have Scaler detect the midi while it is playing: (1st Select the record button in section A and set the src to MIDI.)

  1. Play midi clips that are on the Scaler track
  2. Play midi clips directly from the browser w/out loading them onto a track
  3. Feed Scaler midi - To try to simulate your scenario, I took 1 instance of Scaler and had it send chords to another Scaler instance and was able to capture the chord blocks using the record feature in section A, I also took a Chorder tool and had it feed chords to Scaler. It recorded them as well.

Drag and Drop

  1. Drag directly from the browser onto Scaler to trigger a detect
  2. Drag from your desktop onto Scaler to trigger a detect
  3. In Studio One you cannot drag from a track to the Scaler UI so either drag it to a Scaler track or to a File location.

Hope that helps. If not, describe your scenario in a bit more detail.

Hi @Blue

Not sure what you mean by

Midi notes and data are recorded in a midi clip which has the extension .mid. Is this what you mean?

The Scaler terminology for “recording midi” is to DETECT MIDI which @TMacD outlines above.

If you are trying to record notes or chords from a midi keyboard this works on my implementation on Ableton Live 11 and Reaper on a Windows 10 environment.

Please clarify your environment: OS and DAW for more support.

Hey, thank you for trying to help!
Nope, not “live capturing” I have a Midi Chord file with chords to a tune of about 80 bars or so. My idea was to import that file into Scaler so it imports all chords to Pad / pattern, but it seems it Scaler doesn’t work quite like sequencer. At least, not a very linear process. Ohh well, I will still use it as a fun exploration tool.

Scaler ony has 56 (7*8) blocks (1 for each chord) so I think the file may too long. This limitation is something that has been raised in the past, (although I don’t think anyone has tried to import an 80 bar file), and I believe that the dev team may be looking to increase this limit some time in the future.

You are correct in your assertion that

It would be nice for it to have a more or less traditional sequencer that can accommodate a full song length, so there is no “piecing” things in awkward way. A beautiful Chord Pulse comes to mind :slight_smile:

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