A Scale Filter might be a useful feature

So when you make some useful progressions and save these as patterns in the User Section you get a list of suggested best scale matches with how good a match this scale is to your currently selected progression/pattern. This list can be very long indeed. If you know what you intended or started with it can be a bit annoying having to scroll down to find it again in the list. It may be more useful to have a Filter Option against this list such as if you know you want something in Tonic Key of B for example that the Filter provides you with the opportunity by listing all scale examples that have tonic as B . Or if you want a different tonic such as C or E or anything else then you can locate the useful scales easily with that particular Tonic note. I believe this would speed up the workflow of Scaler 2 and also could be used for more direction than is currently offered by the mixture of best matches. I don’t believe it would be too hard to implement and would further refine the useability of Scaler 2. What do people think of that?

Hi @Jumbodude

This sounds like a good suggestion, but I think that there is a simple work-around in the current version of Scaler.

Rather than saving patterns to the User Section if you Export State the state will save the chosen scale for your song. You can then import it in the future. Your chosen scale will be at the top of the list in Section A. If you want only scales based on a specific tonic then having detected the scale for your pattern selecting the tonic from the drop-down menu of notes will give you this (see attached state file).

To prepare this state I did the following:

Starting with a tonic chord I

  • generated a pattern,
  • selected the A mixlodydian mode as the scale for the pattern,
  • selected the tonic note of A from the Notes Dropdown.

Hope this helps

Chosen scale.xml (12.6 KB)

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Hey Thanks ed66 that’s really usefull to know and yes it works and it’s something new that I have learned. However i still think it would be useful to have a Filter Option because there may be other scales using this tonic key that may be better and it would be useful to explore other options that maybe you hadn’t thought about at the time you made the initial pattern. more options the better. However your advice is much appreciated and super helpful.