A song with Scaler driving UJAM Amber

Hi pals

I love so much this sweet guitar, so I build a song around it driven by Scaler, as usual :heart_eyes:

Here is the 1st Scaler instance using a “C Phrygian scale”

Scaler-State for UJAM Amber.xml (23.4 KB)

I then duplicated Scaler and used Keys-Lock for the flute

Scaler-State_for solo flute.xml (23.4 KB)

But it wasn’t enough to have proper notes for the solo, so I tried to add the Bitwig tool Key Filter before the flute

Quite oddly, the “C Phrygian scale” didn’t work, and I found that only an “A Locrian scale” was suitable, argh!

This question of apparently unmatched scales makes me crazy, likely because I don’t know music :grin:

And here is the resulting song Hypnotic Flute


That’s your best one yet!. Space between notes so they have room to breath! Guitar could be a little louder. Well done!

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I was just thinking of your insight while jamming :grinning:

Guitar could be a little louder

Yes, indeed, I’ll correct it and re-upload