A soundtrack with no plugins, but where Scaler could have been used

I just found this game Creaks by Amanita

I never played it, but I think I’ll do it :grinning:

Very interesting soundtrack to me, with many odd and interesting instruments
and many tips about composition
and a lot of food for aleatoric music @Bernd

I love that gaming company. All of the soundtracks are brilliant! I hadn’t heard of this one before. Checking it out now.

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I bought it and I hated it instantly, like with the awful Chuchel :rage:

it’s not like Botanicula or Machinarium: you can die here (even if you resurrect like a zombie), but this is disturbing to me
moreover it’s a maze and I hate mazes YUK

Last but not least you cannot use the mouse, just keys or a controller, so when you have to do very precise movements you easily fail

apart that, the visual is very cool and, and the music is gorgeous, but I preferred asking for a refund that GOG allows for

There’s a surprise. :slight_smile:
Just wondering…why did you buy a waze game if you hate mazes?

because I forgot yo read any reviews, dazzled by the introductory video argh!
the same applies to the other features I don’t like

I found anyway, that the whole game is just about finding “lights” and “switches” here and there, and there are no hot-spots before you are very close to them, so I suppose one must run & click randomly everywhere to go on; not enticing at all

Well, I looked the walkthrough: this is actually an action-adventure game!

So I am happy to have had the refund, and I’ll re-install Machinarium next days :grinning:

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