A zero-DAW workflow with Cantabile? Not for me

Here it is Cantabile Lite: all WYSIWYG and free!

Very stable, and no problem with all my plugins, Toontrack Audio Sender included that worked perfectly

It doesn’t see my controllers (at the moment), but it doesn’t matter because there is not a mixer (even if some users built one that works)

And, there is not a Scale tool, so I am forced to play keyboards better :grin: :smile:

And my mini keyboard was immediately recognized, so I can use Scaler to feed chords to UJAM while I change patterns with my left hand over the mini keyboard, and I play the AAS Strum GS solo with my right hand over the main keyboard!
I was never able to do that with my DAWs, and here is super easy

And the workflow is all WYSIWYG, the one I love most

Unfortunately, Cantabile also crashes, in my system :cold_face:

It crashes as often as Ableton Live as far as I try exotic things, and I cannot export Scaler statuses from it, so I have just to give away with music, or to keep using AL accepting daily multiple crashes :japanese_goblin:

There is no other way, unless I can set a dedicated system that is not an option today
Tomorrow who knows?

As John Lennon sang, “Give Reaper a Chance”. Reaper users, here and elsewhere , will help you.
Ask José about Reaper Theme that looks a lot like Ableton.

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Are you sure it’s a John Lennon song?
really, really?

Joking aside, when I tested reaper the last time, I realized that the standard theme wasn’t so bad

Nevertheless, I am quite sure that after a month of curses while I try to learn its awful and over-complicated workflow, it will start to crash, because I am The Crash-Maker

And as I said, Reaper crashed just now :cold_face: :japanese_goblin: :smile: :rofl:

I thought you said Live crashes on quit. Is that not the case? Does it quit while working?

It crashes doing regular things, sometimes on quit, or using alien VSTs/workflows

But, crashes for crashes, I prefer to use the tool that I know more
Until I will be able to set a dedicated hardware

I’m both fascinated and puzzled by your record of being able to break software that vast numbers or people use, day in, day out, without any problems. You must have a rare and peculiar talent for somehow putting together combinations of software which nobody else has yet done, and not only that, picking combinations which unerringly cause a crash. Astounding !
Or might it just be that the software doesn’t work well on a machine running Windows Vista which has 2Gb RAM and an 8086 processor? :slight_smile:


I think that my PC is way over the minimum specs

But because I use it at work also, I cannot stop e.g. my anti-malware tools, and this can be an issue…

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Your configuration looks pretty solid.
What about your Task Manager? Any application that is too hungry for CPU or RAM?

If you make crashing any DAW etc., are you sure that one of your FX does not do it?
Do you use VST2 or VST3 plugins?

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And now I found this, so I cannot kill Ableton Live anymore

Use that scale for a blues guitar solo and the fat is in the fire!!

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What about your Task Manager? Any application that is too hungry for CPU or RAM?

Nothing apart Ableton itself

If you make crashing any DAW etc., are you sure that one of your FX does not do it?

Maybe, but I have to test them one after one, and it’s boring

Do you use VST2 or VST3 plugins?

Usually VST3

This should not be difficult. Open the last crashed project and play again. If it crashes again, you know the problem is somewhere in the project .Reopen the project, remove all the plugins and save it. Add one by one FX in the same order. You don’t use 25 track in your projects, do you? This should take a couple of minutes.
You can use OBS Studio (free software for video recording) and record all the time. This way, you’ll record the moment it crashes and you’ll know what was the last used FX.

Hint: Do not use OBS on the same screen as the project unless you like the effect as on Ummagumma cover. :rofl: Yes, I know that you use at least two screens :slight_smile:

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ROTFL, I got the point

BTW I have crashes on quit with many combinations of plugins, so I am not sure that plugins are the culprits

I recommend investing in a Mac and buying Logic Pro X. :money_mouth_face:

If I win ten million in the pools…
Unfortunately, bank wins, always!
:grin: :upside_down_face: :rofl:

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So now I have one reason more to avoid Bitwig, the only one that the Crash Maker (me) was unable to crash :rofl:

  1. Ableton Live only has the feature called Scales that is invaluable for solos, and losing the midi-2-the-max 400 amazing scales I just acquired is a pain in the ass
  2. Bitwig Studio doesn’t see any of my 2 controllers, or manages them badly
  3. Bitwig Studio doesn’t recognize the Toontrack Audio Sender that is very useful for me

I can survive to Point 2 and 3, but Point 1 is currently hard to miss
Unless Scaler 3 will give me a better way to do solos