AAS Strum-GS dreaming arpeggio eventually done with Scaler

Later this evening the work-flow

Did you mean post a link to an audio file and forgot?

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Hi Jamie

Maybe we are in different time zones?
Yes California… many hours apart

Here is 17:25 GMT+1

I’ll post the stuff after my supper, on about 22:00 GMT+1

Here it is @jamieh

The routing

The guitar in Loop mode

MIDI Polysher for the guitar (no transposing, just avoiding unwanted keys)

The bass

MIDI Polysher for the bass (just avoiding unwanted keys)

I found so far that best Scaler arpeggios come out from triplets

Scaler arpeggio.xml (16.4 KB)

And here is the sound (just a proof of evidence, as usual)

Clever. I’m happy MIDIpolysher is working out for you.

I suspect you suggested it to me… :grinning:
or was another guy, I don’t remember

Yep, it was me. Great little plugin with so many uses. And free!

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BTW, I have one old analogic cine-projector at home
wait that I find a picture

do you know it?

I don’t know that one. Looks like a classic. Where is it from?

I don’t know; my father-in-law owned it, and its machinery is charming

I also have a Bolex Paillard and I love it because Bernard Moitessier used a similar one

does it replay Super-8? I have a lot of home movies from the 1970s that I would like to convert to digital media. Can this do it?

Here in Italy, any photographic store does analogic-digital conversions
I did a couple of them a few years ago

But you have money & patience, there are scanners in the market that scan films

No, this is way before then. My dad owned one and we would watch home movies all the time (often).

You are better off buying something designed specifically for analog audio/video to digital conversion.

Super-8 usually comes in a cartridge and the edge “perferations” are different. Even if you did try, it don’t think it would work.

Conversion hardware would produce a much better quality result.