Abelton 11.03.10 not recognizing Scaler2 VST3 or VST2

Abelton 11.03.10 not recognizing Scaler2 VST3 or VST2
can anyone help fix this?

You need to sate whether you are on Wimdows or Mac as the responses may well be different.

I’m assuiming that you did a ‘re-scan’ and Live has the VST3 folder as the standard one and Scaler is in there?

Sorry I’m running M1 Pro chipset Running the newest Mac OS

Hi @DMerricka. Just for clarification, what exactly do you mean when you say ‘not recognising’? Does Scaler 2 not appear in your VST or VST3 plug-in list in Live’s Browser?

If so, can you not see any VST/VST3 plug-ins there? Or is it only Scaler 2 you’re not seeing? Can you see the ScalerAudio 2 VST plug-in? And can you see the AU Scaler 2 plugin?

Be sure to read through Ableton’s support article for using AU/VST plugins on Mac. As per the article, make sure you have ‘Use Audio Units’, ‘Use VST2 Plug-in System Folders’ and ‘Use VST3 Plug-In System Folders’ selected, and/or selected the custom folder option if you installed to a custom location.

Then try selecting ‘Rescan Plug-Ins’. Still no luck, try re-installing the latest version of the Scaler 2 plug-in taking note of the install location. It’s advisable to leave this as default.

Live only can see scaler as a AU2 plugin .
When I say it does not Recognize Scaler2 I mean that Live does not see Scaler in the VST3 noir VST2 plug-ins in its browser.
Yes Live see’s all of my VST 3 and 2 plugins
Because of this I can not route Scaler to any other soft synths or any other midi Chanel

Thanks @DMerricka for the clarification. We’ve tested on multiple Macs running Mac OS Ventura with Live version 11.3.10 which can all see the VST2 and VST3 versions of Scaler 2 just fine. Strange that you can see other VST plugins but not Scaler.

Can you try re-installing making sure you are using the latest installer, then rebooting your Mac and rescanning your plugins?

Also check your install location. As described in the Ableton support article, default VST locations on Mac are:

  • Macintosh HD:/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/ (VST 2 .vst file extension)
  • Macintosh HD:/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/ (VST 3 .vst3 file extension)

Have a look in both these directories for the Scaler2.vst and Scaler2.vst3 files. If they are not present they may be installed in a custom location which needs to be specified in Live’s preferences.

Done all that and it still won’t work. I see that the vst3 and 2 extensions are there but Abelton doesn’t show it when I scan for it.

It’s fixed. Thanks you all so much. When I downloaded of plug-in boutique the made the download an old one unless you searched for the new one. Strange