Ability to tell SCALER to add a chord corresponding to notes being held down by a MIDI keyboard by means of MIDI FOOT PEDAL

I would like to be able to find the chord on the keyboard (and voicing ) myself - play it - hold down al the notes - and then simply press either the sustain pedal to tell SCALER to insert this chord - or maybe a second piano MIDI pedal - set to a different MIDI CC

This - for those who know exactly the chord they want to enter - but require both hands on the keyboard to make out the full voicing - while using another means to enter the (SINGLE) chord - would be great for workflow.

This is a good idea, however it is hard to define what would happen if you DAW plays back MIDI from a track with a sustain message and Scaler starts to change your progression on the fly.

This would need to happen only in some sort of “EDIT” mode. Which would break the workflow a bit.

What you can do at the moment is using the Detect mode and playing the chord you want on your MIDI keyboard.

yes using sus pedal CC wouldn’t be a good idea. far better to allocate an unused or rarely used CC.

My Komplete Kontrol controller here has two pedal input sockets and my second pedal is used for the “soft pedal” CC message - that would be better,

I suggest this pedal entry mode only works when the transport isn't running.