Ableton 11.1 can't see Scaler 2 VST with M1 Mac

So Ive got a newer Mac Book with an M1 processor that I am running Mac OS Monterey, I am using Ableton 11.2.6. I’ve tried many many things to get the Scaler VSTs to appear in my Ableton Plugins folder but VST, VST3 versions are simply not showing. Basically - Ableton only shows VSTs compiled natively for the new chipsets (as witnessed by my older plugins also not showing up)

AU can be used and seen without a problem - except MIDI will not be seen in other tracks. (Currently known issue with AU and Ableton Live) I want use Scaler to send Midi to my other instruments and AU will just not allow it.

Bitwig and Logic both show/work as expected. However, I use Ableton most of the time these days.

Running Rosetta version has it’s own issues and not really usable for other reasons.

So the big question, is there going to be an update anytime soon with native M1 support? It would be most welcome.

Hi @werdmai and welcome to the forum.

Scaler 2 is running natively for M1. Have you tried re-scanning your VST folders? If you have installed Scaler to a custom location you may need to specify the location in the Live preferences.

Let us know how you go.

Thanks James. That is very good to know.

I’ve tried many many times to rescan. I’ve put Scaler in custom folders. Tried both for VST2 and VST3. And nothing in Ableton. I also am not seeing Scaler VSTs in the Rosetta version of the application either. Most plugins are showing within this version so I am not certain what could be happening here,

I very much do see all the plugins within Bitwig. And confirming I see they are natively compiled for ARM64.

Well this is quite confusing then…Any ideas what to try next are welcome!

Hi @werdmai Hmm, In my experience that is just asking for trouble! No doubt if you use the system folders it will be fine, as a first step I take it you have run through official troubleshooting?:

Hi Davide,

I followed everything when starting the process. I only moved to Custom folders in an act of desperation. I read and went through this article well before I tried custom folders :slight_smile: Again, I probably went through about 5 hours of troubleshooting on this well before I posted here. I thought that it was the same conclusion that everyone was making was that this was something to do with non native ARM plugins. Being that they are natively compiled, who knows.
Oh yes I removed all the plugins and reinstalled. Nothing. Is there an uninstaller? It would ensure I got all the components.

I’m fairly certain this has to do with Ableton (and Ableton alone) and a huge bug they are not admitting to with M1/ARM installs. I see all the plugins and they work terrific in Bitwig and Logic like I’ve stated previously. So I guess you can consider this resolved? Thanks Drew