Ableton - arming tracks?

Would appreciate some of your knowledge here:
when using Scaler for instrument one has to open 2 tracks -
1 - Scaler
2 - Midi instrument track.

The 2nd track has to be armed to be heard, meaning we need to CTRL arm some tracks to hear them?
Is there something else I should do?


Right, Shualiko
Don’t forget to assign Midi From and Channel on the tracks that receive the Midi from Scaler
Scaler In Out
Also, when you add a new track, you will have to repeat the operation with the Control key


Thanks! Just making sure I’m not missing a better workflow for this.
Appreciated :+1:

On the instrument receiving Scaler set the monitor to IN so it will always receive MIDI input from Scaler without needing to arm the track.
That’s the way it should be done.


OK! Now it makes sense!
Thanks jamieh :v: