Ableton/Bitwig Clip Length Does Not Reduce For Shorter Chords

System: Ableton Live 10.1 (or Bitwig Studio 3.1.2)
Scaler Version: 1.8.1

When I drag shorter chords (shorter than “2/1”) into Ableton Live 10.1 or Bitwig 3.1.2, the length of the clip does not decrease to match the shorter length of the chord.

Observe these two screenshots.

I’m having the same problem where I’ve set the Chord Duration in Preferences to everything from 1/2 Beat and up to 8 Beats in Bitwig 3.2.1 on Windows 10 but the clip container is either 4 Beats in size or 8 Beats. From 1/2 Beat to 4 Beats the clip container is the full 4 Beat measure. Five to 8 Beats and the clip container is the full 8 Beat measure.

This inconvenience creates the situation that I have to resize every clip that is not 4 or 8 Beats.

More: If I setup a chord sequence in Section C and drag it to my timeline the clip comes in properly contained. So if I use 1/2 beats and fill all 8 notes in a pattern I drag over one full 4 beat measure. Likewise If I use a 5 beat measure the clip is properly sized in my timeline.

The error occurs when I drag notes out of Section A and B as individual notes although even when I drag individual notes out of Section C they don’t work as I’d expect. Only when using DRAG from Section C do I get properly conformed clips.

I updated to Bitwig 3.2.2 and it took care of clip size or maybe it was due to a restart but things seem correct now regarding note and clip length.