Ableton Live M4L device for Keyswitching Orchestral articulations

Since many on this forum use orchestral plugins I thought I’d post this link about an Ableton Live M4L device (cheap) that is brilliant for using key switches especially for EWS and Spitfire libraries. What is special about it is that when you have set up the key switches they are now available as editable automation curves in a midi track. So, much easier to use all kinds of articulation key switches in a track without having to place individual key switch notes in the midi. Lots of other advanced features. Here’s the link:


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Just be aware of the technical requirements and that you will need Max For Live 8.1.7, which does not come as part of Ableton Live Std Edition.

@ed66 Thanks for pointing that out, I should have. Currently I’m working with the full Live version 11.1 on an M1 Mac so no problems there.

Great find! Hadn’t seem this before.

I like it. But it is not very clear to me if Ableton 11 is necessary. In principle, all the examples are done in Ableton 10. I have Ableton Live Suite 10.1.42, and it seems to be compatible. I haven’t seen yet which version of Max for Live is needed, but it seems like a very good option, and it’s not expensive. It would save many hours assigning joints, of course. I will seriously think about it. Thanks for sharing, DavidBR. It’s very interesting for me

This is from the FAQ on the purchase site —
Does it work with all Ableton versions?

It works with Ableton 10 and 11.

Generally, it is also compatible with Ableton 9, but there are some bugs or functions missing you should be aware of. Please check the technical requirements for details.

The KeySwitch & Expression Map is a Max For Live device. Max For Live is part of the Ableton Live Suite. If you use Ableton Live Standard you might have to buy an add-on license to use this device. Ableton Live Lite and Intro do not support Max For Live!

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