About Gm "D7"

I wanted to follow GM with a D7, but I couldn’t find a fast and perfect way.

I found D7 in 6ths and 7ths
But this D7, the range is very high

I found D7 in the 7th converted
The sound area is not concentrated

Then I found D7 directly in edit word. It sounds good

But when I dragged MIDI, I opened it and looked at it.
I found that GM and D7 are still too far away.
Is there any better way, or is my operation wrong?

Right click and “Extract Voicing” from the Gm and then right-click on the D7 and “Apply Voicing” is usually the fastest way

You can only “apply” a voicing to the chords in the Section C but you can extract from anywhere


Thank you for your reply. However, I just tried and failed.
Are there any screenshots or short videos?
Other friends have time and are willing to help me.
Although I have used scaler for a long time, I have my own operating habits, or just simple use, and I don’t understand many places.
thank you!

In fact, the core problem is not that I can’t find D7
It’s a matter of balance between chords
I know that opening the top “dynamic” can be the most balanced.

But this will lead to a problem, that is, the inversion of some later chords will fail.
Therefore, without opening “dynamic”, you can drag MIDI directly. It can only look like the following